Amber Oils

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AMBER is a naturally occurring substance, appreciated for its color and natural
organic beauty since the Neolithic times. It is fossilized tree resin, not sap. Since Antiquity, Amber from the Baltic Sea Area was extensively traded.

Amber (the Word): “
Ambar” was brought to Europe by the Crusaders. The French distinguished between “Ambre Gris” which is Ambergris (A material produced by sperm whales used also in healing and in perfumes) and“Ambre Jaune” which is the fossil resin we now call Amber. Pliny the Great gave it the expressive name of succinium or Gum-Stone, a name that is in use today to describe succinic acid as well as succinite, a term given to a particular type of Amber. The natives referred to it as Glaes due to its translucency (see-through similarity to glass.)

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