Aphrodisiac Blends

Aphrodisiac Blends

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Most people have heard of aphrodisiacs and have some vague understanding that
they are substances that are used to evoke sexual desire and enhance pleasure.
However, the majority seem to associate them with foods, herbs or drugs, everything
from oysters, to powdered rhinoceros horn to Viagra.

They know how to “set the mood” with soft music and candlelight. Yet they never
seem to consider the role of the sense of smell in sexual desire and pleasure.

Although they may be quite aware of the sense of smell during physical love making
they don’t seem to realize that odors themselves are powerful aphrodisiacs both prior to and during lovemaking. They don’t seem to realize the power of scent to
induce powerful chemical responses in the center of the brain that has to do with
emotions, memory, physical desire AND physical sexual RESPONSE. This is so
even at levels below their ability to even notice their existence.

This knowledge and these essential oil blends used to be available only to royalty, the cost of their ingredients far beyond the reach of the common man or woman. We
are profoundly honored to be able to bring you these rare and precious blends to
finally make available to all this secret ancient knowledge of love and these
special aphrodisiac blends ability to transform your experiences from the
physically ordinary to the divinely ecstatic.

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